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Rules & Organisation 2021-2022


Rules & Organisation 2021-2022

BXL Euroleague

Rules and Organisation 2021-2022


1.      The championship takes place in two phases:

  • The first phase consists of a classic single-group phase in which the teams meet once (hereinafter referred to "regular season").
  • The second phase (hereinafter referred to "post season") to determine the champion is played by direct elimination between the top 12 of the regular season (hereinafter referred to "play-offs").  A consolation phase is played between the teams not having reached the top 12 (hereinafter referred to "play-outs").

The format of the post-season is described in the Annex.  

2.      Points will follow the 3-1-0 format. Ties in the standings will be broken by considering, in the following order: 

  • the result(s) of the game(s) between the teams involved in the tie (points gained) 
  • goal-difference in the game(s) between the teams involved in the tie 
  • goals scored in the game(s) between the teams involved in the tie 
  • overall goal difference (in case of situation described in point 3, results against this team will be neutralised). 
  • goals scored (in case of situation described in point 3, results against this team will be neutralised).

3.     Any team forfeiting a game for the third time before their 12th game of the regular season will be ejected from the championship and all their games nullified. In case of a team forfeiting a game for the third time on or after their 12th game, previous results/cautions stand and all further games are registered as a 5-0 forfeit. 

4.     A league Cup is organized with all teams registered in the championship.  The cup is a single-match knockout competition.


5.     At least half+1 of active players mentioned in the match sheet must be nationals of the country they represent. Non-nationals are to be indicated with an asterisk on the website. Players having played at least 5 games in each of 2 previous seasons (not necessarily consecutive) for the same team can be considered as assimilated nationals. Teams failing to respect this rule will receive a warning and may forfeit the game. 

6.     A player can only play for one team during a season.  However, a player can be transferred during Christmas break only if hehas played in no more than 3 games already in the regular season and the Cup, and with the agreement of both captains. Cards and suspensions follow the player. 

7.     Only players that have played in at least 5 “regular season” or Cup games are eligible for participation during the post-season.  Participation to Cup game after the regular season cannot be taken into consideration.

8.     A team fielding an ineligible player will be severely punished (See Annex). Ineligible player means any player who for any of the reasons referred to in these Rules should not be participating in the match, such as suspension or not having played at least 5 games prior to the post-season or any other similar reason within the meaning of these Rules. 


9.     The Laws of the Game published by the International association board at the beginning of each season shall apply unless otherwise provided in this document.

10.   The duration of games is 2 x 35 minutes.

11.    A forfeit is registered as a 0-5 loss. A forfeit in the Cup or the playoffs/playouts results in elimination of the corresponding competition. 

12.   Teams have unlimited substitutions during a game. A team can substitute players only when it is in possession and the ball is out of play. It is at the discretion of the referee not to allow a substitution if he feels that teams are substituting players too frequently. 

13.   Teams take all measures to ensure the smooth running of the game.

  •  Home Team must provide 3 decent footballs
  • Home Team has first choice of shirt colour. Away Team must ensure that shirt colours do not clash. 
  • Teams must ensure that their shirts are clearly numbered. Teams playing in bibs must still have numbered bibs or numbered shirts underneath. 
  • Both teams are required to provide a ball pump, linesmen flags, referee cards and a whistle at all games.
  • Both teams are required to fill in “match-sheets” and deliver them to the referee before the beginning of the game, indicating names and shirt numbers. Referees may decide not to start the game until the match-sheets have been received.

Failure to comply with these rules (as judged by the referee in his report) will result in a fine (see Annex).

14.   A game can be postponed only with the consent of both team managers and only if a new time/venue has been secured and communicated to the Organising Committee at least 48 hours before the kick-off. The team requesting postponement is responsible for finding a new time/venue for the fixture and covering any costs that may arise. Should such rescheduling be unsuccessful by the end of the regular season (before last game of the regular season), neither team gains any points. 

15.   Should the referee decide, on the spot, that a game cannot go ahead (e.g. due to the pitch conditions or weather), the Organising Committee will reschedule the game and cover the costs. 

16.   In case of a game is interrupted by the referee due to “force majeure”, it will be resumed from the moment of the interruption on a new date, unless the teams involved agree otherwise.  

Cards are maintained for the re-start and only count towards cumulative totals once the game has been concluded. Players suspended for the interrupted game remain suspended for the continuation. Players not suspended for the interrupted game can play in the continuation, unless the Organising Committee decides otherwise in cases of serious suspensions. 


17.   A qualified referee should be appointed for each game by the Organising Committee. The referee will draft a report with all relevantinformation (score, scorers, bookings, fair-play marks, linesmen performance and any other significant incidents) to be sent to the Organising Committee within 24 hours of the game. It is the responsibility of the captains to ensure that the referee has correct and accurate information for his report. 

18.   A third team, as indicated on the fixture list, will provide 2 linesmen for each game. 

A team failing to provide 2 appropriate linesmen will have 1 point deducted from their tally for each absent linesman. During the post-season and for Cup games, failure to provide 2 appropriate linesmen results in 2 points deducted for each absent linesman. In the absence of linesmen, the referee will decide on whether or not he wishes to ask the two teams to provide linesmen. A team having 5 points deducted on the basis of this rule will not be eligible to participate in the playoffs and in the playouts. Points deducted from March 1st onwards will be deducted from the next season. Linesmen arriving more than 15 minutes after the designated kick-off time are considered absent. 

Failure to comply with this rule (as judged by the referee in his report) will result in a sanction (see Annex).

In case of poor effort reported three times in a referee’s report, the Organising Committee will deduct a point in the ranking from the team concerned.

19.   In the absence of a qualified referee, the team responsible for the linesmen will provide the referee and the Home Team will provide a linesman.  The “non qualified” referee will draft a report (see point 17).


20.  Suspensions and other sanctions are effective once communicated to team managers by email. Information on the website is complementary. Any omissions or errors on the website cannot justify using suspended players.

21.   Teams with a generalised, repetitive or collective demonstration of aggressive, violent, abusive or foul behaviour during a game will receive a ‘malicious behaviour’ sanction (see Annex). 

22.  Suspensions for yellow card accumulation are specified in the Annex.

23.  The level of suspension for a straight red card is decided by the Organising Committee on the basis of the Referee's report and any information it may collect from other witnesses. The Organising Committee may decide to ban a player from the league indefinitely. 

24.  Players receiving cumulative suspensions may have their suspension increased by the Organising Committee. 

25.  The presence of suspended players at the field of play is at the referee's discretion. 

26.  Suspensions will be carried over to the following season

27.   The Fair Play standings will be made up of the ratings from the referee reports, which will be doubled, minus 1 point for each yellow card received, 3 points for each red card received, 5 points for each linesman duty missed and 15 points for malicious behaviour. The lowest-ranked teams in the Fair Play standings will participate in the following season’s first round of the Cup. 

Budget, Finances and Administration

28.  Team managers will update the website within 24 hours of a fixture, indicating the players used (including substitutes not used), scorers and bookings. Statistics will be locked at the end of the day following each game. Any discrepancies between the statistics and the referee's report may result in a team forfeiting the game. 

29.  The annual participation fee is set by the Executive Committee at its General Assembly.  Teams failing to pay the participation fee and other any debt by the deadline set by the OC will result in a fine (see Annex).

30.  Fines and other financial provisions will be announced in the weekly email and are payable by bank transfer only, within 1 week. 

Failure to comply with this rule will result in an additional fine (see Annex).

31.   Requests to join the league will be examined by the Executive Committee on a case-by-case basis, and on the basis of an opinion from the Organising Committee (See Annex).

Organising Committee

32.  The Organising Committee is made up of 5 members, who are not involved in the organisation of any teams, and will take its decisions and inform all managers by e-mail every week. They shall be appointed by the Executive Committee. 

33.  The Organising Committee shall act by simple majority and decisions can be taken also by e-mail. Any team abusing the mailing list of the league to make inflammatory or offensive statements may receive a fine (see Annex).

34.  The Organising Committee enjoys wide discretion in interpreting these Rules and retains the right to take any measures it sees fit in order to deal with any given situation. 

Executive Committee

35. The Executive Commitee shall meet whenever necessary in order to examine any issues that may arise regarding the organisation and management of the League. 

36.  The Executive Committee consists of 1 representative from each participating team and the 5 members of the Organising Committee, as indicated in the constitution of BXL Euroleague ASBL.  General Assembly is organised annually (see Annex).

BXL Euroleague

Rules and Organisation 2021-2022


Point 1: Format “Post-season”

  • If for any reason a team could not participate in the post-season, its ranking and stats would be maintained but the ranking would be adjusted, and teams ranked under that team would gain a place.
  • ID/passport of players to be checked by the referee (not for CUP game)
  • Ties after full time go directly to penalties according to the standard procedure (5 shots, then “sudden-death). 
  • Captains will assign 10 field players to take part to the shoot-out.
  • The goalkeeper cannot be substituted after the first penalty of the shoot-out.


  • The top 12 in the regular season standings qualify.
  • Top 4 qualify directly for the quarter finals.
  • Home and away elimination games.
  • The lower ranked team always plays the first game “at home”.
  • The 'away goals rule' will not count anymore.
  • Pre-round: Teams ranked from place 5 to place 12 will play as follows: 
    • Game A: 5 v 12
    • Game B: 6 v 11
    • Game C: 7 v 10
    • Game D: 8 v 9 
  • Quarter finals
    • Game E: 1 vs winner game D
    • Game F: 2 vs winner game C
    • Game G: 3 vs winner game B
    • Game H: 4 vs winner game A
  • Semi finals
    • Winner Game E vs Winner Game H
    • Winner Game F vs Winner Game G
  • Final
    • Single game with the higher ranked team as the home team.
    • If we cannot schedule Cup & League Finals on the same day, we can organise a 3rd place play-off before the Final (GA2014)


  • Teams out of the top 12 participate in this consolation phase.
  • This phase follows the same formula as the play-offs without the pre-round if, at least, a participation of 7 teams
  • Quarter finals
    • Game 1: 13 vs 20
    • Game 2: 14 vs 19
    • Game 3: 15 vs 18
    • Game 4: 16 vs 17
  • Semi finals
    • Winner Game 1 vs Winner Game 4
    • Winner Game 2 vs Winner Game 3
  • Final
    • Single game with the higher ranked team as the home team.
  • If less than 6 teams can participate, the Organising Committee will propose an ad-hoc format with the agreement of the teams concerned.


  • A preliminary round is organized to reach the quorum of teams (16) to compete in the first round.
  • The matches are played by direct elimination.
  • The draws are carried out by the members of the Organising Committee.

Example: if 19 teams are eligible, 3 games (6 teams) will be necessary since the 3 winners will join the 13 already qualified.

The teams taking part in this preliminary round are the teams with the lowest ranking in the fair play challenge during the previous season or newcomers.

Point 2: Fines

Reason Financial Competition
Late payment* - Participation fees €50 (+€5 per day of delay)  
Late payment* - Fines & Other €5 per day of delay  
Article 8 - Using of ineligible player € 100 Regular season: FF + - 3 pts
Play-offs: Exclusion
Article 13 – Decent footballs € 25  
Article 13 – Shirt colours € 25  
Article 13 – Numbered shirt € 50  
Article 13 – referee’s kit € 25  
Article 19 – Missing linesman   Regular season: - 1 pts/missing linesman
Play-Offs/CUP:  -2 pts/missing linesman
Article 21 - MB1** €100  
Article 21 - MB2** €100 Regular season: - 10 pts
Play-offs: Exclusion
Article 21 - MB3***   Ejection from the league
Abusing the mailing list of the league €50  

*: Bank value date is decisive

**: Valid for the current and next season. Valid for the next two seasons if the penalty was imposed after the regular season.

***: To be validated by the Executive committee

The Organising Committee reserves the right to add sanctions in case of obvious and proven cheating.

Point 3: Cautions

The forfeit game does not count as missed games unless the team of suspended player is not responsible for it (GA2012).  Team not responsible for the forfeit can encode 11 players as stats for this game.

Reason Suspension
3rd yellow card 1 game
5th yellow card 2 games
7th yellow card 3 games
9th yellow card 4 games
2 yellow cards (Red card – corresponds to 3 yellow cards)
Specific case:
If 2 yellow cards in 2 games and 2 yellows (RED) in a 3rd = 5 yellows
If 2 yellows (RED) in the 1st game and 2 yellow cards  in 2nd and 3rd = 5 yellows
1 game

 2 games
 2 games

The Organising Committee reserves the right to add sanctions in case of obvious and proven violent abuse.

Point 4: General Assembly

The General Assembly is convened by the General Secretary of the league.

Quorum rules are governed by the articles constituting the Non for Profit Association “BXL EUROLEAGUE”.

Reason Members Decision
Status 2/3 2/3
Dissolution 2/3 4/5
Application 2/3 2/3
Exclusion 2/3 2/3
Other topics 50% +1 50% +1

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